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Relive The Fun

We are excited to be working with IdeaNova and their Inconcert functionality. We are looking forward to helping bring this amazing technology to market and showcasing artists and performers in a digital setting.

Brent Durst

Streaming Media Professional
Founding Member of DDEX (music metadata standards)

We have been working with IdeaNova since the original launch of the Inconcert platform. We are very excited to utilize the improved functionality that will come with the latest release. From what we see so far this technology can revolutionize online events and help us to serve our clients with more advanced solutions.

Joe "Dewey" Kasko

Owner, RK Lighting

As an online personal trainer the Inconcert Functionality takes coaching to a whole new level . It allows me to not only better demonstrate training techniques to my clients , it allows me to better analyze them from multiple angles. With this application IdeaNova has allowed me to have that more personal connection with my clients that is often lost when trying to connect in an online setting. 5 star rating for me!

Lukas Siska

Founder of Siska Training Systems

IdeaNova's In-Concert platform is great for both consumers and content owners. A turn-key ticketing and secure streaming service which provides a multi-camera experience which your consumers will love.

Nick Sincaglia

President/Founder of NueMeta, LLC

Why inconcert

In these times of isolation, it is important to recognize the unique opportunities we have in performances for both artists and concert goers. We look forward to when events will be back in-person, but while we wait it is important to keep spirits high and to be able to give artists a platform for their events. We bring you: Inconcert.